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Prices are according to the style required as each style varies in duration and skill (ie; clipped, 'teddy bear', show trim, handstripped etc). An accurate quote will be given depending on your requirements.

If your dog's coat is matted we are only able to de-matt dogs within reason, we do not de-matt excessively matted dogs as we do not cause undue pain and stress to any of our clients. Additional charges will be added to the cost of your groom if this applys.


Breeds listed are our most popular and common clientele, if your breed isn't listed, don't hesitate to contact us for an accurate quote as we are experienced and welcome all breeds.

We welcome all mixed breeds ('Cockapoo' , 'Puggle' , 'Labradoodle' , 'Goldendoodle' etc). Please call for a quote.

Small Breeds

Bichon Frise £34.50Lhasa Apso £34.50Shih-Tzu £34.50Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £23.00-£28.00

Chihuahua £13-20.00 (Short haired - Long haired)

Maltese £25-30.00

Papillion £15-20.00

Pomeranian £20.00-£25.00

Pug £15.00

Cockapoo £35.00


Brittany £30.00

Cocker Spaniel £34.50

Cocker Spaniel (Working) £25.00

Golden Retriever £30.00-£35.00

Retriever (Labrador) £20.00

Springer Spaniel £33.00


Bearded Collie £40.00

Border Collie (Smooth Haired) £20.00

Border Collie (Long Haired) £30.00

Briard £40-50.00

Collie (Rough) £45.00

Samoyed £40.00

German Shepherd (Smooth Haired) £20.00

German Shepherd (Long Haired) £35-40.00

Old English Sheepdog £40-50.00

Shetland Sheepdog £20.00


Airedale £40.00-£45.00

Border Terrier (Handstrip) £35.00

Border Terrier (Clipped) £25.00

Cairn Terrier £34.50

Irish Terrier (Handstrip) £35.00

Irish Terrier (Clipped) £30.00

Fox Terrier (Handstrip) £35.00

Fox Terrier (Clipped) £30.00

Jack Russell (Smooth haired) £15.00

Jack Russell (Handstrip) £25.00

Jack Russell (Clipped) £20-25.00

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier £35-40.00

Staffordshire Bull Terrier £10-15.00

West Highland White Terrier £34.50

Yorkshire Terrier £25.00-£28.00

Labradoodle: £40-50.00

Goldendoodle: £40-50.00

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