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T3D Dog and Cat 80/20 Treats are a delicious and satisfying reward for your furry friends!

(Vet Approved)


Our treats are made with 80% freshly prepared poultry and the remaining 20% is sweet potato, potato and chicken stock. We ensure the same level of care, attention and nutritional expertise goes into each and every one of our treats. Each one is specifically formulated to be both a palatable and nutritious complementary feeding supplement.


Analytical constituents include 28% crude protein, 15% crude fat, 2% crude fibre and 6.5% crude ash.


80% Freshly Prepared

& Gently Cooked Poultry

80% of the recipe is packed with the finest animal ingredients.


Ideal as a training treat or a reward

Highly palatable treat to help attract and maintain pets’ attention.


No Added Grain or artificial additivies

Our high quality treats are formulated without additives or grain and can be fed any time as a treat or reward. 



80% Freshly Prepared Poultry (including Chicken 37%, Duck 25%, Turkey 18%), Sweet Potato, Potato, Chicken Stock.

T3D Dog and Cat 80/20 Treats

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