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Here at Top To Tail we offer our unique skin care programme!

Please view our gallery of case studies below.

Our unique skin care treatment has been designed by our groomer after receiving a high volume of dog's with skin conditions and allergies over recent years. We are the only existing groomer to offer this service. Allergies and reactions are commonly due to a dog's diet, please contact us for nutritional advice if your dog suffers from a skin condition. Our programme involves bathing in a veterinary and medicated shampoo whilst gently working it into the skin and coat. It is then left to set into the skin for ten minutes before being rinsed off. Through the course of being dried the skin is repeatedly treated with antiseptic conditioners and a product that is clinically proven to rapidly STOP itching, scratching and sore irritated skin. Finally, any sore spots are applied with soothing ointment that is proven to protect against dry, damaged, and broken skin.

We understand how frustrating and common skin irritations are for both you and your dog. Therefore we aim to keep treatment inexpensive and effective. We aim to see your dog once a week for the treatment to be fully effective. Contact us for an accurate quote as prices vary depending on the size of the breed.

Depending on the severity of the skin irritation we would need to meet your poor pooch to access how often they would require treatment. In most severe cases we aim to see them once a week. 

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